Tide: Stock Up Time! Get Tide For Just 89-cents each, Plus Free Crest Pro Health Mouth Rinse, Dawn, and Bounty! (starting next week)!

 crest pro healthThere appears to be a very large coupon insert set coming out for 7/27/14 with the possibility of five inserts.  Whoo!!!  There is also at least three different P&G promotions going on next week.  I will not be able to check some stores until later in the week, so this deal could get better!  This deal will require you to purchase four newspapers or you can use a combination of coupons and printable coupons found in the scenarios below.


Remember the P&G Rebate posted over here?  Okay, since you need to spend $30 after coupons, there is a scenario below that reflects the “after coupon” price for the Tide items.  Each store also has a store reward that goes along with these promotions.  All store promotions are a limit of one per household, so you’ll need to shop at different stores to snag this deal.  Keep in mind that the P&G rebate is good through September and you do not have to purchase all products at  once.  So, you can pick one store deal from this week, hang onto your receipt, and continue with other promotions as they come along until you have $30 in select products for the rebate.  However if you want to purchase the rebate amount all at once check out this deal below.

You will need to shop at Rite Aid and Walgreens, then submit both of your receipts together for the rebate.

***These deals start 7/27/14***

This is by far the best deals I’ve seen in a long time 😉


Rite Aid scenarioPurchase $30 in select P&G products get a $10 Gas Card by Mail (limit 1).  Plus, earn a $3 +Up reward for Crest Pro Health Mouth Rinse (limit 2).

* The Tide is a limit of 4, so you will need to add in other items to hit the $30 mark. There are several other items to choose from. 

Deal scenario:


4 bottles of Tide on sale for $4.94

2 Crest Pro Health Mouth Wash on sale for $3.99

2 Bounty Paper Towel Single Roll

1 Dawn Dish Soap

= $30.71 (needed to get $10 gas card by mail)

use (1) $2.00/2 Crest Pro Health Rinse found here OR use (2) $1.00/1 Crest Pro Health Rinse found here ( suggest printing them now)

use (1) $2.00/1 Tide coupon found in the 7/27 PG, or the $1.50/1 Tide found here (can be printed twice)

use (1) $5.00/3 Tide coupon found in the 7/27 PG

use (2) $0.25/1 Bounty coupon found in the 7/27 PG

use (1) $0.25/1 Dawn coupon found in the 7/27 PG

Pay $20.96

Earn $10 gas card (directions will be on your receipt), two $3 +Up rewards for the Crest Pro Health Rinse, and you’ll have $12.76 towards the P&G rebate



Walgreens scenario: Purchase $20 in select P&G products earn 5,000 points = $5 (limit 1)


6 Tide on sale for $4.99 each (you will need this many to reach your rebate offer)

= $29.94

use (3) $2.00/1 Tide coupon found in the 7/27 PG,or the or the $1.50/1 Tide found here (can be printed twice)

use (1) $5.00/3 Tide coupon found in the 7/27 PG

Pay $18.94

Earn $5 on your balance rewards card.  Plus, you’ll have $18.94 towards your P&G rebate from this promotion.


Total out of pocket for both stores: $39.90 plus sales tax

Total back in store rewards and rebate:

$10 gas card from Rite Aid

$6 from purchasing Crest Pro Health Rinse (two $3 +Up rewards)

$5 loaded to your Balance Reward card from Walgreens

$10 when you submit both receipts with this printed form.  

= $31 back in rewards and rebate

Final cost: $8.90 for all!!!  It’s like pay 89-cents per bottle of Tide and getting all other items FREE!

**Note: If you already submitted your receipts from another P&G deal, you can still get this deal super cheap.  Without the $10 P&G rebate, it’s still only $18.90 for all!   That’s like paying $1.89 per bottle of Tide and getting all of the other items free!!! That’s still an awesome deal!


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