Get Two Full Years Of Parents Magazine For Just $7.99!

parents magazine

If you read Parents Magazine then this is a great deal for you!  You can snag a two-year subscription to Parents Magazine for just $7.99 or a one year subscription for $4.  This is a great magazine for parents full of tips, projects, recipes that kids love, and even coupons.  To sign up you can head over here.


The fine print:

Hassle Free Automatic Renewal: To guarantee future savings, do nothing, and after your initial term the magazine(s) you select will automatically renew annually and your subscription(s) will continue uninterrupted. Before each term you will receive a reminder notice and by clicking subscribe you authorize us to charge the card you provide today for the number of issues and at the rate shown on the notice until you tell us to stop. Of course you can cancel anytime by contacting customer service and receive a refund of unserved issues. If your card cannot be charged we will invoice you instead. Magazine frequency subject to change without notice. Double issues may be published, which count as 2 issues.

Disclosure Policy

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