ibotta: Earn Rewards On Your Groceries and More!


Have you heard of the Ibotta app?  It’s this app that you can get on your phone for additional savings on top of store sales, rewards, and coupons.  There is no cost for this app.  Plus, if you’re signed up for other cash back rewards you can still use ibotta on top of those.  That makes many products super cheap or free!  Head over here to sign up for ibotta and watch for the ibotta icon in the store matchups or other deals that get posted.

You also scroll through the store you plan to shop at to see if there are any rewards you can earn on your purchases.  You can cash out at just $5!  It doesn’t take long to hit the $5 mark.  You can also let it build up and redeem your rewards for gift cards or request a payment through Paypal.  It’s super easy!


Here’s how it works: 

First, sign up for the Ibotta app over here if you haven’t already.  Next scroll through the rebates at the stores you shop at to see what you would like to earn back.  There are rewards for grocery stores, drugstores, department stores, and more!


Once you purchase the item that you have a rebate offer for you can click “redeem” to earn that rebate.  If you use your store loyalty card or a phone number it will ibotta can confirm your purchase.

If you shop at a store that does not use a loyalty program such as; Walmart or Meijer you can simply scan the bar code on the product you purchased and upload a photo of your receipt.


Once the receipt and product purchased are confirmed you’ll have the rebate amount loaded to your ibotta account.  You can transfer your money to a gift card or Paypal once you have earned $5 or more.



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