Rite Aid Shopping Guide


On this page you will learn how to shop at Rite Aid by using coupon, earning rewards, and taking advantage of Rite Aid promotions.  You can view/print the Official Rite Aid Coupon Policy over here.


Rite Aid has a rewards card called Wellness Plus Rewards.  You can sign up in your local Rite Aid store or click here.  If you choose to signup online, you will be able to print your temporary pass until your actual card arrives in the mail.  This rewards card is needed to get the sale price and to earn store rewards.  Plus, you can earn points for using your Wellness Plus Card.  Points can earn you additional rewards such as 10%-off everyday prices and so on. For more information on what you can earn with your Wellness points head over here.

There are different Wellness Programs that you can enroll into such as: Wellness+65, Wellness+Allergy, Wellness+Diabetes, and Kidcents.  See more information over here.

This is a Rite Aid in-ad coupon.  It is considered a store coupon and can be combined with a manufacturer's coupon.

This is a Rite Aid in-ad coupon. It is considered a store coupon and can be combined with a manufacturer’s coupon.

Rite Aid accepts manufacturer coupons and Rite Aid store coupons.  They have a variety of store coupons including: Rite Aid in-ad coupons that are found in the local Rite Aid Ad.  

video value

Video Values that are found here, where you can earn in-store coupons by watching videos.  You can sign up for Video Values over here. Once you watch the video you can print an in-store coupon.  These coupons can be used with your manufacturer coupons.  Video Values are good for one month after you earn them.  They reset monthly.  If you do not watch a video you cannot go back later to earn the coupon once it resets for the month. However, if you watch the video and earn the coupon it will stay in your account until it expires.  These are a limit of one print per coupon per customer.

Rite Aid in-store coupons that are found through various promotions on the Rite Aid Facebook page here.  Rite Aid store coupons and manufacturer coupons can be combined on one purchase.  Some Rite Aid in-store coupons can be combined with each other depending on whether or not they are coded the same.  Please see the Rite Aid coupon policy here for complete details on using coupons at Rite Aid.



Load2Card coupons are digital manufacturer coupons that can be loaded to your Wellness card.  These are regular manufacturer coupons.  They cannot be combined with your paper manufacturer coupons, however you can still use them with Rite Aid store coupons.  You can signup and learn more about this program over here.  There is also an app available to load coupons to your card through your phone when you are on the go!

plus ups

Rite Aid has a rewards program called +Up Rewards.  Rewards can be used towards the purchase of other items. These are rewards that you can earn by purchasing the qualifying products.  These products are featured weekly in the Rite Aid ad.  Sometimes you will find monthly +Up rewards that can be earned throughout the entire month.  You have the option to have your +Up rewards loaded to your Wellness card or you can have them printed onto the bottom of your receipt.  If you choose to have them printed you will need to let the cashier know prior to your purchase.  They will automatically load to your card unless you choose to have them printed.


+Up Rewards expire two weeks after they are printed or loaded to your Wellness card.  Expired +Up rewards are not accepted at Rite Aid stores.  +Up rewards can be earned when you use coupons.  For example: If a sale states that you can earn a $10 +Up when you purchase $30 worth of P&G products, you will still earn your $10 +Up as long as your total is $30 before your coupons and sales tax.  See examples below.

+Up reward limits are set for each deal.  The limit does not refer to the number of items you can purchase, but rather the number of +Up rewards you can earn.  For example: If a deal states that you can earn a $5 +Up with the purchase of two toothpaste, limit 2 +Up rewards.  You will need to purchase four boxes of toothpaste to reach your +Up rewards limit since you need to purchase two to get one reward.


Example:  Keep in mind these are examples.  They are NOT active deals.
The ad states, “Earn a $10 +Up Reward when you purchase $30 in P&G products on this page! (limit 1 per household)”

Deal scenario:
Purchase 4 bottles of Tide on sale for $4.94 = 19.76

Purchase 1 Charmin Bath Tissue for $6.94

Purchase 4 Dawn dish soap on sale 99-cents each = $3.96

= $30.86  This is enough to trigger your reward

use (4) $2.00/1 Tide coupons

use (4) $0.25/1 Dawn dish soap coupons

use (1) $0.25/1 Charmin coupon

pay $21.61 plus any sales tax

earn back a $10 +Up for purchasing $30 in select products

Final cost: $11.61 for all of your items in this deal!

Your $10 +Up will load to your Wellness card or print at the bottom your receipt.


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