How to Print Coupons Without Wasting Your Money


As you may already know, there are many ways to save money.  One of them, of course, is printing your coupons.  With the way stores and manufacturers work now you may also find yourself printing rebates, store receipts, grocery list, meal plans, etc.  On this page you will learn small helpful tips that will keep cost down for things you may want to print, but aren’t so if it’s worth the ink and paper.   


 Keep in mind that coupons can be printed However, never copy a coupon.  There is a difference.  When you print a coupon the serial number or a pin number will appear on your coupon.  The numbers are different each time you print a coupon.  Copying a coupon is fraudulent.  There are laws against this and with the couponing being so popular these days, they really do crack down on coupon fraud.  You view more about coupon fraud and see the latest fraudulent coupons by clicking here.

Most coupons can be printed two times each per website per computer. If you have more than one computer available you will be able to print more coupons.  You can use the same printer.  There are occasions when you may be questioned by a cashier if you present several printed coupons that look identical.  Simply show the cashier the different pin numbers on each coupon to assure them they have been printed legally and not copied.

 printable coupon

 Here are your tips for printing coupons in a cost effective way.

1. Set your printer settings to gray scale.  It’s best to do this through your computer under printer settings.  If you need to print something in color you’ll need to change it back.

2.  Use scrap paper. There is no need to purchase paper just to print coupons.  Some people use the back of homework papers, school letters, and so on.  Be careful not to use any paper that has your personal information on it.  Also make sure you are using computer paper.  Do not use paper that has crayon on it.  This can ruin your printer.  Colored printer paper is fine.

3.  As I mentioned above you can print two identical coupons at a time until they are reset by that company’s website.  However, you do not need to use two pieces of paper.  You can print one coupon, put the same piece of paper back into the printer, and print the second coupon.  Make sure to pay attention to how your printer prints so you know which direction to put the paper back in.  You do not want your coupons to overlap or you will not be able to use both.

4.  You can save money on ink by getting your ink refilled.  The best place I have been able to find is Cartridge World.  You do not have to wait on refills because they already have ink refills ready to sell!  Plus, if you take in your old cartridges they will give you $1.00-off each one towards your purchase.  In addition to that you will also get a punch card.  Once you have 10 refills the 11th refill is free!  The ink is just as good.  It takes me over a year to reach my free refill.

Walgreens also has ink refills.  You will need to drop your cartridges off and leave them there until they are refilled.  Occasionally they have sales where you can get your ink refilled for a low price.  I’ve seen it as low as $3!

5.     Be careful not to waste paper and ink by printing coupons you’ll never use.  I only print coupons that I know I will use.  I will print high value coupons that are rare to come by when I see them.  These usually do not last long.

Here is a list of popular websites that you can print coupons from.  These are all legitimate websites.  and
Simply print the coupons you want.  You will be allowed two prints per coupon until they have reset.  Usually coupons reset at the beginning of the month.
Print coupons.  Prints are limited to one or two depending on the value of the coupon.  You can find ways to “unlock” coupons and increase their value by following the directions given on the coupon.  You can also earn points by submitting your receipts when you use coupons printed from  Each coupon redeemed is worth 55 points!  Points can be used to increase the value of your coupons.  For example:  You may find a coupon for $2.00-off Huggies.  If you have enough points you can “boost” that coupon to $4.oo-off.  


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